Why does YouTube stop playing after a while?


YouTube being a king of content is one of the busy sites and once you are on it you tend to spend 3-4 hours very easily but if you face any issue in-between then what? Many times YouTube keeps pausing and asking if I'm still watching. If you also face this then the reason is YouTube does not wants you to play a video in the background so it reminds you that if you are still watching the video then replay it. But if you are also getting this problem "stop youtube from pausing error" let us know why we all face this issue.

This issue can be faced anywhere like on TV, Android, or Desktop. Videos can pause anytime. The reasons are:

1. A bad internet connection can always bring a halt.

2. If YouTube is having a bad day.

3. You need to update the latest version.

4. A feature' Remind me to take a break' is turned on.

5. YouTube app is facing some issues.

6. Your headphones may be damaged.

These all are the basic issues you may be facing and for solving this you need to have all these problems sorted.

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