How to Reactivate or Unlock a Temporarily Locked Facebook Account?


Facebook is the website that allows the users to sign up via free profiles while connecting with family and dear ones through online mediums. It allows users to share music, videos, and articles and share their emotions on the online portal.

Few teens can express themselves online when compared to the real world because of fact they feel the virtual world is more secure for them. Facebook is a social networking site that permits people to express who they are in actuality.

But for the information, the user must know why the Facebook account was locked or temporarily disabled!

  • Mass reporting of the profile that might be considered a scam by the Facebook media.

  • Posting too many posts that might violate the community guidelines.

  • If your account holds malware or any virus, then your account might be locked.

  • Now the Facebook team keeps checking on the activity of each of the users activities.

  • So, the reasons listed above might be the main cause for Facebook locking your profile

If your account is locked then there is an easier way to recover it by following the simple guidelines:

  • Open your profile and mention your credentials.

  • If you notice the disabled account settings then directly click on the tab that says that your Facebook account has been temporarily locked.

  • Provide them with all the proofs that are required so as to tell them that the account belongs to you.

  • Submit the procedure by clicking on the send button.

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